We help the people of Ukraine affected by the war by providing humanitarian assistance to civilians and protecting soldiers on the front lines so that they can return to their families alive.

Your donation will help us help those who need it.

Assistance provided in the amount of:

We care. We act.

Our Missions.

To all whose hearts ache for Ukraine.

To all who are not indifferent and do not stand aside in these dark times in the history of mankind.

We have always helped those in need: donated for the treatment of children, helped the homeless, supported volunteers who dedicated their lives to helping abandoned pets; were among the first to provide financial assistance to the people of Donbass when Russia invaded them in 2014. These are the foundations of our credo, our responsibility and our mission.

On February 24, 2022, our lives changed dramatically. This day forever divided our lives into "before" and "after". Frankly, we were shocked. We were stunned and frightened when everything that was valuable and important to us was instantly destroyed right before our eyes. But we persevered. We acted quickly and began to do what we did best, helping those who needed it most and supporting our glorious armed forces, which are now successfully confronting one of the world's largest armies. We lost sleep, we put off our business, we stopped everything that was on our agenda earlier.

Now, to make the most of our professional and community experience to help our defenders win, we are working hard to run the largest fundraising campaign we have ever run. We are now accepting charitable contributions from around the world. And we are sincerely grateful that you give us your extremely strong support!

The House Charitable Foundation now stands side by side with the Ukrainian people to survive the most difficult times in its history.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!

Help Ukraine! Save the world!

Now Ukrainians are struggling with the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Democracy or tyranny, freedom or slavery, prosperity or endless corruption and stagnation. This is not just a local conflict, this is the battle of our time in the modern civilized world against the aggressive Middle Ages. If Ukraine falls, the whole civilization will be rejected for decades. We must stop Putin. We have no chance to fail! And you can help us win this war!

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Our top priorities

Humanitarian help

We help the most vulnerable social groups to survive this nightmare. We use our own logistics channels to deliver humanitarian aid to those who need it most. Contribute now and help us save the lives of innocent people suffering from this brutal senseless war.

Support of the Ukrainian Army

We help our brave soldiers return home alive and well. We provide them with modern protective equipment - bulletproof vests, helmets and first aid kits to maximize their chances of returning to their families.